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When the world was young, it had no features. There was just the earth; a round ball of iron and rock. Chenqin loved xyr creation greatly, but xe claimed no ownership over it. Instead, xe gave it to xyr daughter, Fengnu. She was at times a wild and unpredictable child but she took the earth and wrapped it up in a blanket of air to keep it safe.

She was pleased with her gift, and excitedly took the earth to show her favourite cousins, Shuizhu and Huoshi. They too wanted to add their colours to the earth. Huoshi, whose mother had made the sun, took some of the sun's fire and lit the glowing centre of the earth. Its shell broke into pieces and some of the fire belched out onto the surfaces, leaving behind mountains and valleys. Shuizhu quenched the scalding earth with a cascade of beautiful blue water. His father made the moon, so these waters would be forever linked to the moon in the sky, and they would swell and sway with the moon's position.

It was a thing of beauty, this blue and brown marble now. But Fengnu had two more cousins. Her fat, contemplative cousin was harmless. Xe was quiet and peaceful and would only speak in whispers. Guileless, honest Jingzhi would cause no harm to her toy. But the other... Hei'An was a dark child. She would brood and sulk and unmake the toys the other children played with. Fengnu did not want Hei'An to touch her earth.

She let Jingzhi play with the earth, after telling xem to be careful. Jingzhi was so happy to have Fengnu's trust that xe gave the earth a very special power. Xe breathed xyr most powerful whisper into the whole ball. Jingzhi filled the earth with aether. Later, xyr aunts and uncles would use this to fill the world with living things and people. But now, it just shined, so beautiful to behold to those who would look upon it.

But Hei'An learned about the earth anyway. Poor, simple Jingzhi would always tell Hei'An whatever she asked. And Hei'An was angry. Why should she not get to play with the earth, too? Hei'An hated Fengnu and Chenqin both, and vowed to use all her powers to break their little stupid shiny toy. But she was not powerful yet. They were all just children. So, in secret, she asked her parent, Emo to help her. Emo gave her life and all of her power, but xe also gave her xyr personality. Emo too was a dark power. Xe had already populated xyr own home with foul demons and creatures of evil. But with xyr daughter, xe was able to take four demons, four special demons, and steal away some of the other children's power. Together they made four who would undo all the work of the other children. One who could dry up all of Shuizhu's water. One who could put out all of Huoshi's fire. One who could dissipate all Fengnu's air. And finally, one who could void all of stupid, fat Jingzhi's aether.

All at once did Emo and Hei'An unleash these four terrors on the earth. And at once they set to work taking apart everything of beauty and creation.

When Chenqin saw what Emo had done, xe was devastated! In alarm, xe went to xyr own siblings to beseech them for help reigning in the terrors set on destroying xyr creation.

Xyr sibling, Jieyi, who was Emo's cousin and opposed the dark god fully, agreed to help, and with the power of Chenqin, Jieyi, Fengnu, Huoshi, Shuizhu, and even Jingzhi combined, they were able to trap and banish the four demons into a realm far away.

Emo never forgot this betrayal by xyr family. But xe bade xyr time. When the others united to create life on the now-safe earth, Emo gave mortals one secret gift. Magic on earth was a joint power from both Emo and Jieyi, but Emo's magic was tainted. When Jieyi gave mortals free will, xe left xyr own power open to defiance. And Emo planted the powers in mortals to unlock the four barriers keeping xyr creations at bay. One need only attain enough power, and the antidei would walk again on the earth and swallow up all of creation into the endless void.