2014-04-09 13:00:00

Nameless. I obey. The master. It commands. The tinker. It repairs. But broken. The coolcoat spills the skymelt. Agony. I fall.

Being. It moves. It flies. Serpentine. A cruel face. Hostility. Threat. It must be destroyed. Nameless. I defend.

Glowing. It bubbles. Steam. Smoke. Skin like mine. Drill. For earth. For death. It hardens, softens, still. I kill.

Searching. It gives. Hard rock metamorphic. Wading. Not walking. Break walls. For drilling. Alarm. Power fluctuates. I stagger.

Inquiring. I reach. Diamond clockwork. It grinds loose. A smear. The darkness. Some feeling. Now none. I fail.

Acceding. I submit. Soul fragment. I inter. Contained. Heat subsiding. Relief. It consumes me. I assent.

Named. I host. The master. It compels. The fragment. It empowers. But lost. The meddler scatters the pieces. Akasha. I seek.